Below is the On View schedule for Saturday, July 20. Check back regularly for updates.


12 – 9 PM

2061.WORLD, 2002 Dalzelle Street

2061.WORLD presents an exhibition of drawings (from 1980s to now) by Detroit-based artist and activist Wayne Curtis

4 – 10 PM

Natural Light
Cass Café, 4620 Cass Ave

Cass Cafe is pleased to present Natural Light, a solo exhibition by Andrew Mehall, a Detroit-based, multidisciplinary artist. A departure from past presentations, this new work uses photography to question depictions of reality and experience. Inspiring Mehall is John Berger’s claim that photography has replaced human memory. Photography is more democratic than painting or drawing, and technology has made it accessible to everyone. That said, can these memories be trusted?

4 – 8 PM

Dylan Spaysky
What Pipeline, 3525 W. Vernor Hwy

What Pipeline presents a solo exhibition of new work by Detroit-based sculptor Dylan Spaysky.

6 – 8 PM

Reyes | Finn, 1500 Trumbull Ave

Detroit artist James Benjamin Franklin will present all new sculptural paintings in his style of distinctive canvas shapes, plastered with texture and brightly colored acrylic and epoxy. Detroit artist Marcellus Armstrong will present new sculptures inspired by a scene in Coming to America, the 1988 Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall comedy. Using insulation, resin, bubblewrap, wax and deco mesh, he will recreate a few of the set pieces using a uniquely developed material language. Dmitri Hertz will show outdoor sculptures in the yard gallery. Detroit artist Nick Jaskey will present a series of outdoor sculptural interventions on the fencing outside the building’s exterior.

6 – 8 PM

Manifest Destiny
Organized by Ingrid LaFleur
Library Street Collective, 1260 Library St

Manifest Destiny examines the practical implementation of the cultural movement Afrofuturism to alter destinies within Detroit and beyond. Inspired by the 400 year anniversary of West African captives brought to the Jamestowne settlement in Virginia, Manifest Destiny honors the legacy of Black-bodied people to forge their own destiny regardless of circumstance. 

Manifest Destiny brings together 12 artists that explore new modes of thinking, planning, and building for the Afrofuture. The multi-media, multi-sensory exhibition includes film and sculpture by Maikoiyo Alley-Barnes, painting by Satch Hoyt, collage by Manzel Bowman, sculpture by Detroit native Jasmine Murrell, public art by Alisha Wormsley, sculpture by Lady PheOnix and the virtual reality project NeuroSpeculative AfroFeminism by Hyphen Labs. Along with the exhibition, there will be outdoor augmented reality installations in the Belt behind the gallery, and the pop-up boutique DINKINESH selling Afrofuturist paraphernalia. Other public programming includes 3D printing and blockchain workshops as well as a lecture on Quantum Futurism and a world-building session.

6 – 9 PM

This Must Be The Place
Organized by
Eightfold Collective, 2831 E Grand Blvd

Ellen Rutt’s solo exhibition, This Must Be The Place, is an investigation at the intersection of performance and painting: How do we move through space? How do we contort our identities to fit in? How do we establish a deep sense of belonging in both the digital and physical world? By tracing elements and textures from the physical environment and allowing often overlooked aspects of architecture and landscape to dictate the composition, Rutt calls attention to the interconnectivity of earth’s complex systems. Through her improvised movements and unconventional mark-making techniques, Rutt creates “Place Paintings,” exploring alternative ways of engaging with locations and developing an inquiry into what it means to exist and create in the age of climate change.