Below is the Detroit Art Week schedule for Saturday, July 20. All events are free and open to the public unless otherwise noted. Some events require an RSVP due to limited space. Check back regularly for updates.


10 – 11 AM

Burris Law, PLLC 300 River Pl Dr, #1775 

Burris Law has a collection of Detroit based art including work from Brian Day, Scott Campbell, MALT, Matt Eaton, Michael Luchs, Tony Roko, Senghor Reid and many more. The firm has integrated the collection into their company culture, allowing each employee to select a work to add to the collection and utilize art in a unique way to connect with their clients.

RSVP required:

11 AM – 6 PM

Young Curators, New Ideas V
Trumbull and Porter
, 1331 Trumbull Ave

In YCNI V, 12 independent curators will transform 12 hotel rooms at Trumbull and Porter Hotel into mini contemporary art galleries. The exhibition shines a light on the cultural, artistic, social and political transformations initiated by the creative and curatorial practices of those identifying as, woman, Black, POC, LGBTQ+ and gender-nonconforming.

Tickets: $5

11 – 6 PM

333 Midland, 333 Midland, Highland Park, MI

333 Midland, an industrial site in Highland Park, MI, contains the studios of 20+ artists whose practices include painting, sculpture, performance and other media. Resident artists include Robert Onnes, Betty Brownlee, Mike Ross, Peter Daniel Bernal, Lis Chere Thomas, Rick Cronn, Doug Cannell, Ann Smith, Jeanette Strezinski, Scott Campbell, Jan Brown, Lindsay McCosh, Chloe Songalewski, Anita Schmaltz, Linden Renee Godlove, Elizabeth Youngblood, Ronald Rodriguez, Robert Piatek, Bryan Grose and Charles Poole. In addition, Annex Gallery (located in the same complex) will present an exhibition of established local and national artists.

11 AM – 12 PM

Senghor Reid Studio, 18019 James Couzens Freeway

In this studio visit, Senghor Reid will discuss Distilled, his latest series of paintings that reflect on water as a tool, force, scared treasure and our most valuable resource. Reid’s work explores the interactions between the human body and the environment, creating visual representations of dreams, memories and traces of human contact with nature. He is a Detroit native, received a Kresge Fellowship in 2009, and his work is included in numerous public and private collections.

RSVP required:

12 – 8 PM

Pewabic Pottery, 10125 East Jefferson Ave

Pewabic's Education Studio will host an open house, including a Kiln Pad pop-up exhibition and sale of works by its many talented students and education staff/instructors. Guided tours of its historic building and education studio will take place at 1 PM, 3 PM and 5 PM.

12 – 3 PM

Ann Lewis Studio, 2081 Longfellow St.
Studio is above the garage around the back of the house.
Access on 14th St.

Never Again is Now
Activist artist Ann Lewis transforms her studio into a participatory installation which engages people to reflect upon our responsibility as citizens for state-sponsored family separation, and the trauma-inducing detention centers along our southern borders. Using social-reactive light works and participatory compassion, this project explores our ability to dismantle inhumane societal and governmental structures with direct action and creativity. It seeks to expand hope and empathy in a space and time devoid of such luxuries.

12 – 1 PM

Robert Mirek Studio, 8104 W. 9 Mile Rd., Oak Park, MI

Robert Mirek is a multi-media artist whose studio offers a glimpse into his meticulously created works— both 2D and 3D. His work explores themes that lend themselves to multiple interpretations, including architecture, landscape architecture and all sciences— including, but not limited to, biology, geology, botany, chemistry, sub-atomic theory and physics. His work has been exhibited nationally and extensively in the Detroit-area.

RSVP required:

1 – 4 PM

Unit 1: 3583 Dubois
Anders Ruhwald Studio
, 3583 Dubois St

Experience a 30-minute intimate tour of Unit 1: 3583 Dubois, a permanent art installation by Anders Ruhwald, in a 1700 sq ft apartment, with interior comprised of charred wood, metal, glass and ceramics. This immersive, dreamlike space gradually unfolds as visitors move through its seven rooms. The structure and space appear ravaged by fire, yet upon closer inspection, visitors will realize the interior consist of carefully crafted materials. In each of the rooms, familiar objects remain, but all the surfaces have been transformed through burning, charring, glazing and paints to create an altered interior. The installation is both visual and sensory, creating an environment where visitors can contemplate the effects of fire and consider its ramifications within domestic and intimate spaces.

Max occupancy: 6 people

Send an email to to book a 30-minute tour.

1 PM – 6PM

Scott Hocking
Bone Black, part of Cranbrook Art Museum’s project, Landlord Colors: Material Detroit. 900 Guoin St, Detroit (entrance on Guoin between Chene and Joseph Campau)

Scott Hocking’s monumental installation near Atwater Beach on the Detroit Riverfront utilizes a collection of the metaphorical bones of Detroit’s once prosperous economy—the many boats abandoned throughout the city. Theatrically presented as a suspended fleet, Hocking applies “Bone Black” paint to the boats, an industrial pigment from animal bones that has been produced in Detroit since the 19th century.

The artist will be onsite from 2 – 4PM.

2 – 3 PM

If Only I Could Say It With Words
David Klein Gallery, 1520 Washington Blvd

David Klein Gallery is pleased to host a program of readings and conversation about women moderated by Detroit based writers Lynn Crawford and Christin Lee. Featured writers include Rochelle Marrett, Cherise Morris and Yasmine Rukia. The audience will be invited to participate in a conversation following the readings. On view at the gallery will be Pattern, a solo exhibition of paintings by the Los Angeles based artist, Kelly Reemtsen. The politically observant Reemtsen is recognized for her provocative paintings of women who break glass ceilings, choose their tools wisely and dig deep.

4 – 5 PM

Detroit Artist Market, 4719 Woodward Avenue

Dennis A. Nawrocki will give a guided tour of Thank you, Mies— an exhibition he organized to spotlight a style of abstract art that has long focused on clarity and order instead of overt emotions. On view are sculptures and paintings by 20 Detroit-area artists who picked up the baton of formalism and forged images perhaps best defined by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe’s mantra, “Less is more.” Participating artists include Simone DeSousa, Paul Kotula and Kate Silvio, among others. Refreshments served.

4 – 10 PM

On View, Citywide

On View is Detroit Art Week’s official night of gallery openings, which includes new exhibitions by, Cass Cafe, Library Street Collective, PLAYGROUND DETROIT, Reyes Finn and What Pipeline.

7 – 10 PM

Before you can become a butterfly, you must first become green slime
Sound House
, 13181 Moran St
Curated by Zarah Ackerwoman
Live Performance by Beatrice VS

Before you can become a butterfly, you must first become green slime is a performance-based exhibition about metamorphosis, featuring multidisciplinary artists Alicia McDaid (LA) and Beatrice VS (Detroit). Beatrice VS integrates Butoh and other dance techniques with psychedelic visuals and extreme physicality to examine gender variance, sexuality and the assimilation of man and machine in the digital age.

8 PM

Lies I Told My Therapist and Other Stories
Light Box,
8641 Linwood St

Chelsea A. Flowers isn't normally a liar, but when it came to her much needed therapy, the bitch couldn't help but tell lie after lie. Making little progress in sessions. Feeling quite sure that her therapist sold her fabricated life story to Lifetime, she wants to share it with you first.

In an evening of performance, story telling, and tacos; Flowers will share the lies she told her therapist. With other stories being told by Coco Spencer, Amber Beasley, and Laura Gibson.

Suggested Donation: $5