Below is the On View schedule for Friday, July 19. Check back regularly for updates.


4 – 8 PM

K.OSS Contemporary Art, 1410 Gratiot Ave

K.OSS Contemporary Art is pleased to present corpus, a new exhibition by British artist Richard Nott. The abstract works of corpus are indicative of Nott’s methodology and practice, with an emphasis on line, form, texture and “non-color,” including shades of brown, grey and velvety blacks. According to Nott, viewing the panels is like witnessing the evolution of matter. The work reflects a history of the materials: Cracks, cuts, marks and modifications of the surfaces show off a stunning array of alterations. Nott often exposes the work to the elements, letting wind, fire and rain make their natural impressions on the surface. Nott received his Fine Art degree from Lancashire Polytechnic and his M.A. in Fine Art at Reading University. His work forms part of numerous international and national collections.

4 – 9 PM

Resident Artist Exhibition
Red Bull Arts Detroit, 1551 Winder Street

Featuring Kearra Amaya GopeePamela Council and Claire LachowResident Artist Exhibition is a group show of works from the current residents participating in the three-month Red Bull Arts Detroit Artist Residency. Gopee is a Trinidadian photographer and visual artist based in Brooklyn, New York. Her practice focuses on the nature of violence and erasure— especially as it is inflicted on the Caribbean by the global north. Council is an exuberant, outspoken change agent. Born in The Hamptons and based in New York City, she brings to light under-examined narratives using inventive material play in sculpture, landscape architecture, jokes and performance. Lachow is an artist and writer whose work maneuvers between physical and digital environments, probing the materiality of digital objects and flatness in the material world. She is a founding member of MATERIAL GIRLS, a collective of female-identifying sculptors and digital artists.

4 – 8 PM

Pewabic Pottery, 10125 East Jefferson Ave

Maker/Mentor, Pewabic’s 48th Annual Staff & Student Exhibition, presents the outstanding work of its students and staff members, who hail from all over the world. It will exhibit the outstanding work of its students and staff members, who hail from all over the world. In this juried exhibition, works by new ceramicists may be shown alongside works by established, exhibiting artists. The show’s juror is Kenyon Hansen, a full-time studio potter in Dollar Bay, Michigan. He has led workshops at numerous universities and art centers throughout the country, and his work has been exhibited nationally and internationally and can be found in collections all over the world. Currently, Hansen is a visiting artist at Finlandia University.

4 – 8 PM

Ashley Cook
Hamtramck Ceramck, 2060 Norwalk, Hamtramck, MI

Hamtramck Ceramck will present an installation of recent paintings, drawings and ceramics by Ashley Cook.

4 – 8 PM

Galerie Camille, 4130 Cass Ave, Suite C

Galerie Camille is pleased to present SATURATED, featuring works by Gerald Collins, Megan Stone and Valerie Ross. The exhibition includes light installations and abstract paintings that explore color and color theory. Collins’ work, influenced by the aesthetic philosophy of Bauhaus, is predicated on conceptually elevating and warping the mundane into abstract imagery that yields psychological responses. He has spanned the media of photography, graphic design, film, and spacial instillations. Stone practices photography, printmaking and collage that explore contrasting patterns, forms and textures found within nature to inform her paintings on canvas and paper. Inspired by the Abstract Expressionism of Mark Rothko, Willem de Kooning, and Robert Motherwell, Ross’ style both reflects the essence of Abstractionism and pays homage to the style by using pathos to evoke raw emotion in every aspect of her work. 

4 – 8 PM

Two Fold
Simone DeSousa Gallery, 444 W Willis St

Simone DeSousa Gallery is pleased to present the works of Tyanna Buie and Santiago Cucullu in an exhibition that includes collaborative pieces as well as installation, paintings and sculpture. Buie, using the memory of her turbulent childhood and family photos, reclaims and rewrites her past— focusing on the hardships and celebrations. Argentinian-born Cucullu creates multi-media works, spatially unified installations, wall-sized murals, sculptures and vibrant paintings on paper. Cucullu emphasizes the subtleties of spatial orientation and appropriation to explore how an exhibition space can trigger rarified memories and experiences. Reflecting quotidian familiarity, the works act to displace and highlight the frictions and narratives that we form to survive.

4 – 8 PM

Making Visible An Unseen Detroit
The Scarab Club, 217 Farnsworth St

Signal-Return, a traditional letterpress print shop and community arts center, paired twelve Detroit artists with twelve Detroit nonprofit organizations, resulting in powerful creative collaborations. This exhibition includes twelve relief-printed editions that celebrate the nonprofits, along with original works by each artist.

Collaborations include Mark Arminski and Georgia Street Community Collective (a city farm collective); WC Bevan and WNUC (a community radio station in the North End); Olayami Dabls and Mariners Inn (helps folks with substance abuse and homelessness); Louise Jones and Detroit Hives (beekeepers in the city); Andy Krieger and The Children’s Center (helping kids with mental and physical challenges); Azucena Nava-Moreno and Detroit Horse Power (training kids to care, groom and ride horses); Nicole McDonald and Wild Indigo Detroit Nature Explorations (a new initiative from the Audubon Society); Sabrina Nelson and Black Family Development (an organization of social workers); Renata Palubinskas and Keep Growing Detroit (a city farm collective and educational org); Pat Perry and Freedom House (supports asylum seekers); Renee Rials and Cots (coalition on temporary homeless) and Vito Valdez and Last Days Dog Rescue (a no-kill dog shelter).

6 – 9 PM

Annex Gallery, 333 Midland

Spark is an exhibition that celebrates the creative thread that binds generations of artists. Teachers inspire students. Students become teachers. And so on. Spark recognizes the work of these artists who span generations, ignite, and change lives.

Featuring Susan Aaron-Taylor, Darius Baber, Anita Bates, Cydney Camp, Richie Campbell, Doug Cannell, Sandra Cardew, Megan Grierson, Christine Hagedorn, Sydney G. James, Genevieve Klick, Candace Law, Laura Makar, Charles McGee, Carole Morisseau, Tom Parish, Tom Phardel, Kathyrose Pizzo, Heloisa Pomfret, Senghor Reid, Mel Rosas, Elliott Rousseaux, Mary Rousseaux, Robert Schefman, Julius Schmidt, William Singer, Ann Smith, Leah Waldo, Ruth Warnock, Shirley Woodson and Elizabeth Youngblood

6 – 10 PM

Tinder Moments
Norwest Gallery of Art, 19556 Grand River Ave

Tinder Moments, featuring installation artist and curator Asia Hamilton and pop culture artist and designer Sarey Tales, dissects romance, intimacy and the modern-day courtship facilitated by dating apps and social media. From surveillance to intimacy, this exhibition explores social media's influence on dating and day-to-day life through technology, interactive installation and mixed media art.

7 – 10 PM

Tell Me How You Feel
Curated by Bakpak Durden
KO Studio Gallery, 9536 Joseph Campau Ave, Hamtramck, MI

KO Studio Gallery in collaboration with Detroit Art Week presents Tell Me How You Feel,” an honest art show, featuring new works by Bakpak Durden and AM Scout. Artists Durden and Scout are Detroit based painters discussing gender/queer identity, mental health and body politics. Sponsored by PBR.

7:30 – 10 PM

Electric Studio, 51 Harper Ave

The forest is fertile ground for tens of millions of conscious life forms to exert energy, coexist and submit to the repetitious cycle of life. Artists Sir Fawn and Lorenzo Lorenzetti join forces to bring the audience a fully immersive art installation that will take viewers on a unique journey through the forest. Myths that resonated deeply with this pure essence of life have been passed down for centuries: the forest often playing a significant role in enchanting a human life, breaking down everyday human experiences, making room for transformation and things unimagined. In the exhibition, we ask, what is lost and gained?

9 PM– 2 AM

Future Distortion
hygienic dress league, 2545 Bagley St.

Future Distortion is a new installation by Detroit conceptual artists Steve and Dorota Coy under their project hygienic dress league. This speculative installation allows viewers to project themselves into a dystopian future to contemplate present society and its unintended consequences on the future. The exhibition will be comprised of several sculptural forms, video and installations using light and sound in a former distillery.